What is a Mecha Park System? (SMP)

The SMP is a mechanical system that allows cars to be parked and retrieved automatically through platforms and elevators.

This system can place the vehicle using the space:

  • on a higher floor
  • on the basement
  • both

Thanks to SMP it is possible to:

  • double or triple parking spots
  • decrease the distance travelled by each vehicleand generate less CO2
  • decrease the parking building volume and save on construction works

Over the years more and more electric cars are emerging. Electric cars are beneficial against pollution, but they need to be recharged. SMP can be provided with car charging areas.

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Parking Solutions

Automatic Parking

The idea behind Automatic Car Parks is very simple and logical: make parked vehicles mobile to use the whole space in the most efficient and useful way.

Semi-Automatic Parking System

This Parking System is getting more and more popular because provides the advantages of an Automatic Parking System at a lower cost.

Parking Lifts

Parking Lift is the best solution to optimally exploit the height.  The System can be self-supporting without the need for building works or it can rest on the walls of the structure.

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