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Consulting and design

Mecha Park technical team will solve any customer need and find the solution and design to fit space and price needs.

Our partnership with SVECOM guarantees the avant-garde technological solutions of our products and the constant attention to research and development.

We provide different options to find the most suitable solution, than our team develop the full project in accordance with the most recent regulations in terms of the Machinery Directive.

Design, technology, engineering and consultancy result in the highest quality of our product and the complete satisfaction of our customers.


If you already have an automated Parking system that is non-functioning or outdated, our technical staff will come for an inspection to evaluate if a revamping and restoring is possible.

We can revamp and restore any implants from a mechanical point of view and for electrical and software components to give you a fully functional and updated Automated Parking System.

Maintenance and Assistance

Our technical assistance is available 24h/7, an important guarantee for parking users.

We carry out ordinary maintenance service of Automatic and Mechanical Systems to make sure your implant is always in perfect condition.

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